How do I install and setup Visual Studio?

I’m doing the Python courses and Mosh jumps from using PyCharm to Visual Studio without showing the install and setup steps to use Python in Visual Studio. Can someone help?


You don’t necessarily need to use the same tools. As long as you know the ones you use it is all that matters.
I never used VS for python myself.
Do you mean VS or VS Code by the way ?

All I can tell you is VS seem to have tools for Python. Simply check the relevant box when you install it.


If you already installed it you have several ways to make the change:

Method 1
Either start Visual Studio Installer. Then on your VS installation bar you have a Modify button.

Method 2
From VS go to ToolsGet Tools and Features…


This will bring you to the same windows as shown earlier.

For VS Code there is for sure an extension. Often when VS Code notice you are using a specific extension and there is no tool installed, it will ask you if you want to install them.

In my case I had no such message and I had to press F5 to try running the code to have VS Code ask me to install anything.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the help. I decided to just keep using PyCharm since I enjoy that environment. Now my issue is when I try to install the items Mosh mentions, the terminal keeps saying that it can’t find the file.

It is difficult to imagine as I don’t code in python and therefore I don’t use PyCharm.
Screen shots or error messages are often a great help to explain problems.
Hope someone having taken the course or knowledgeable about Python/PyCharm could help.