How do I access the courses - All Access Subscription

I get the marketing page and no sign-in option when I try to access the courses.

I just purchased the All Access Subscription.

I see a course outline with videos when I click into the courses on the marketing page.

How do I get into the user area to begin my training?

You should have got an email of confirmation. There should be link to go to website. Create your account if you haven’t done so. Then log in. You will see all courses.

Hi Waqar,
Thanks for your response.

I get the following page when I click the “Access course” link on the confirmation e-mail:

Its the same page advertising the products. I only see links to subscribe/buy and none for sign-in.

I however see a list of included courses as part of the advert. Is that how I access them?

Best regards, Ekong.

I can’t remember how did I do, but I was able to log in easily. Go to home page through google. I hope you would find sign in option. Also check under my course. When you click on my course, it should ask for sign in/sign up. Still if no luck, then I would sign out from my account and check how it works and let you know.

Hi Waqar,
I am really grateful for your help. It works now.

The issue was safari. I downloaded Firefox and saw the sign-in, Courses, and My Courses links.

Best regards, Ekong.

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That’s good. I hope you enjoy the learning.

Hello Ekong and Waqar,

I am having similar problem. I am logged in but can access the tutorial lessons.

Please kindly help out.

I have downloaded Firefox but still no solution.