Git branch command (END) on mac terminal


I was following the course regarding Branching and when I had entered the command git branch, it displayed the branches but also showing END on the terminal. I need to enter q to come back to the main screen. Can you let me know if there is a way to display list of branches on the same screen without displaying the END on the terminal. I have installed oh my Zsh with

theme on my mac terminal. Attached screen shot for reference.

I found this link, does it help?

Hi joshuamwolfe,

Thanks for responding. I have gone through that link earlier and seems like that is a little bit different. I just found this link- where we can turn off the alternate screen for the terminal and it worked. Now it displays the branches on the same screen instead of a different screen.

Turns out my terminal did it to. It’s a default behavior in one of the git updates. Tested on mine and the command works.

enter this command to make it work as requested:

good luck!

git config --global pager.branch false

found here:

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Coooool, the above command works. Thank you.