Getting error while working on Django Admin Panel

I am getting an error while pasting an Image URL in ‘Product’ while creating Product model on Django Admin Panel as instructed. Please help in solving the problem.
Deepank Gupta

Also, not just image url, I am unable to add products in Django Admin panel.

I have same issue as well.

Can you share me screenshot of your model


Have you used migration command after creating models?

Yes, first I thought migration was the problem. But I did that too.

Also, one more issue. When I navigate to, it also gives an error every time. It does not get loaded. So, how can I make sure that it doesn’t give an error when it is loaded? Do I have to type the command ‘python runserver’ on the terminal every single time I want to navigate on that page?

I am having the same issues as Deepank

Hey, guys. I think I found the solution to it. Mosh has used Django 2.1 for his project, which is incompatible with db.sqlite. Kindly try your project with the latest version of Django. I think it may help. I am going to try first,though.

Anything on this issue?

I’ve updated django and now doesn’t work anymore. How can I fix that?

Is this a typo or did you really try 800? It should be 8000.

If it is not a typo,it should be 8000.Also,please run the server again to access your admin page(if you have not done).If other problem is showing,please send the screenshot of the issue.

Check the above link! Follow the steps. It worked for me!

That version of django has problems. Uninstall the django package and then install the latest django version by typing the command pip install django . This will install the latest version of django, then delete the sqlite database and then make migrations by typing the following in the terminal and then migrating it python makemigrations , python mirate. This will solve your problems.
Peace Out!