Finding an open source project to contribute to

I’m FINALLY finishing up with the front end learning path on docker now, but I’ve been thinking about finding a project to contribute to but i have no idea where to start. Anyone have advice on how to search for a project that I can use the front end skills I’ve learned so far? Was also thinking of making a portfolio website for my projects.

There are tons of projects that allow contributors. Most of those open source projects are pretty intense though. The real question is, what CAN you contribute? You might not be strong enough to really contribute.

The way to start is to look at projects on github. If you see a feature that you can improve or add to some project, download their repository and add it. Then you can submit your code to them for inclusion. Those are called pull requests. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, just see if you can actually add value to a given project. Look at the bug reports from users and see if you can correct those problems in your own fork of the repository. If you are successful, then create a pull request.

Keep in mind that these programs typically support different platforms and you may need to run some exhaustive testing in those cases. Github has a way to do this for you. Hopefully the existing repository has tests and you can run your tests with those.


This is probably the best place to start. You can create your own website with database back-end or whatever and start putting all your projects there. That’s what I do.

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There is a website called ‘The Odin Project’ that you might have heard of. Basically, it is for learning full-stack web-dev. They do allow learners on the platform to contribute to the site, lessons, and projects…etc. They also have a discord where they actively post items they are looking for someone to contribute on. Seems like it is in your discipline of web-dev so maybe worth a look.

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