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Hi! I joined Complete SQL Mastery, however I cannot find exercises to practice, I just see tutorial videos. If anyone can point it out, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

Look in the 5th lesson (Creating the DataBases) of the Getting Started module. You should see a download link for the courses exercise files under the video.

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Thank you for pointing out. I see SQL Course Materials, however the file only contains “create db…”, nothing about exercises, the only exercises I see are the ones presented at the end of every video.

You should download the course materials, this will allow you to follow along with the lessons. I do know there are a few projects later in the course that ask you to create a database based on the requirements within a pdf file. Aside from that, if there are also exercises at the end of a lesson then I am pretty sure you are asked to do them using either the files provided in the course materials, or details in the summary of the exercise.

It has been a long time since I have taken the course and without clicking each video to verify if there is also an exercise…I am going to assume this is the case. If you have a particular lesson that is asking you to complete a task without all the materials you need then you can let me know the lesson and I will check it out.

If you are expecting to see an exercise for each lesson then I doubt you will. I have not seen Mosh’s courses or lessons usually structured like that. Typically there are modules, lessons within the module, exercises and projects will be toward the end of the module (if they exist).

If you are wanting to just practice what you are learning, then maybe try the following. This will typically not be as detailed as Mosh’s courses but they will give you some practice and also quiz you.

Codecademy Free SQL Course

You could probably find some resources on this one as well.
Free Code Camp

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Hey, even I am looking for projects to work on and have found a few. We could do them together, since it’s always good to have a partner.

Hi! Agree, I’m interested.

SQL_Motivation 8

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Can join this group

is the group open to all?

yes can join it is open for whoever is interested

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