Need more SQL practice? Use these wesites

Since getting SQL skills require study and practice, I found a couple of extra websites to practice SQL. I wanted to find graded exercises (or a way to know if my queries were well written). Here are my findings:

  1. Exercise v3.0 Graded exercises and theory in case you need it. W3Schools is a fantastic reference.
  2. Awesome to study and practice. Consider donating…

If you find a nice place with graded SQL exercises, consider posting the link.

Note. I’m in no way linked to those websites. A detailed google search took me there and wanted to share my findings.


A couple more links :wink:

  1. SQLZOO Awesome practice…
  2. Ram Kedem for a more serious study/practice. Requires a 1 time payment.

This is awesome, thanks Nicolas! Very helpful. Quick question, are there similar links for JavaScript for practice? Would appreciate a share.

There are many… A quick google search (and some try and error) gave me this:

  1. Edabit
  2. Exercise v3.0 W3School is a great reference for many languages… so keep an eye on this page.

Thanks Nicolas, appreciate this!

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Find the murderer using SQL knowledge! :sunglasses:


these are great, thank you!!

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Does the course contain its own exercises? In the description it mentions that we get practice exercises.

Great. I would likely use some DB fiddle site or have a fiddle DB locally but this is cool to have.