Edit and delete not working

Edit and delete not working in mosh angular project there is not any error but when I click on edit button then form is empty similarly no update and delete works… I frustrated i purchased complete course but it have a lot issues.

I’m not knowledgeable in Angular, and I did not take that course, but Angular is a Web related technology.

Could you be more specific on your issue?

By default, what I understand is you are in a scenario where you try to edit an item.
So you have to load your form and retrieve the related item.

This is typically done by providing some sort of ID when you click on a link/button.
Then calling an API that will send back the item which will allow you to fill the edit form.

Are you sure you did copy the code correctly ?
I’m right now going with the React course with similar scenario and I had an exception while I copied the code.
Then checked and mistyped ``` response` which caused the error.

Could you please check your code again?
Should you still have an error, could you please provide the code so that someone with actual Angular knowledge could give you pointers?

Kind Regards.