Ecwid and Wordpress

I am really sorry I am new to this and it is probably a silly question but here it goes.

I am trying to figure out if I use Ecwid for my ecommerce side of things because I do not want to use Woocommerce. I know there is a plugin for Ecwid on Wordpress to intergrate it. But once intergrated in to Wordpress can a Wordpress site look as good as a site built with Woocommerce. For example this site The Wonky Veg Boxes

Thank you for taking a look and any answers you come up with

Many Thanks



Silly questions are the ones you don’t ask.

Now I don’t think I can help with that myself.
All I can tell is with Wordpress, either you pay should you go with the online solution, either you host it yourself (or have it hosted in a compatible service but it also likely means you’ll pay a fee).
As for the looks I can recommend using Elementor to help in that matter.

I don’t think Ecwid would prevent you from having a nice looking site. It is rather there to provide the e-commerce feature.

Hopefully, you get a better answer soon.


P.S. :

I just watched this video on YT. I think that can help.

wordpress really cool thing

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