Docker - Hyper-V instead of WSL 2?

In learning how to use Docker on install I am being asked to install Docker and to make sure Hyper-V is active. The problem is that the Docker installer says to use WSL 2 instead of Hyper-V.

Are we going to use Hyper-V or are we going to use WSL 2? I thought the point was not to use VMs to reduce the requirements of processing and resource hoggery? Or am I wrong?

Use WSL2. Hyper-V gonna be abandoned.


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What is it going to be replaced with?

WSL2 will replace Hyper-V.

A bit of info from MSDN


So to rephrase. We used to need both Hyper-V and WSL. Then we could use WSL2 only. And Hyper-V is no more needed so they will abandon it to focus on WSL2.