Is Chrome browser comparable with WSL?

Hi all:

I downloaded and install docker for the first time to a Win10 Pro, Build 19042.1165 and installed RAM 4.00 GB (3.85 GB usable). I couldn’t get the WSL to install correctly, I 've clicked on the link popup to go get the latest version, but recieved an error. Farthermore, my Chrom Browser cannot display, it is running on the task bar, it show the windows within chrome, but couldn’t get it expand to open to a full window mode. Chrom was working before I installed Docker, any idea anyone?

I couldn't launch Docker Desktop, a messg indicate "Docker engine fail to start". Pretty sure, because WSL wasn't install.

I am using MSedge to web browse now, may have to figure out how to reinstall Chrome.



I was able to install WSL2, per direction at another story not sure why my chrome browser not working the way it should. I hit the above link with MSEdge.

May need to reinstall Chrome.

I think my Chrome browser is running inside a container. what is “git-install git-google chrome”? when I tried to install a docker environment, It ask me to install Git.