Do I really need a mentor?


How do I go about and get a mentor to help me out when I’m stuck? Is it essential to have a mentor and how much energy should I put in to acquire one? And, does it cost anything?



Everyone here is learning so probably not the best choice for a mentor. I would think it would have far greater value for you to find someone working in the industry to mentor you. When I’m stuck with something I have found that Google brings up many things to read and try out.

Thank you for your quick reply :slight_smile:

Just one last question, please. Should I watch the tutorials thoroughly, by that I mean at least twice before I tackle the exercises or should I just watch it once and then build from there?

Hello and you bet :slight_smile:

Everyone learns differently so hard to know if you need to watch more than once. I use the acronym RUAC; rote, understanding, application, and correlation. They are simply the levels of learning. If there are things the instructor advises to memorize then I do. In this case you really don’t need to memorize so that takes care of rote. The next is understanding. Do you believe you understand the material well enough? If not, then you might consider just playing around with HTML and CSS, in combination with reading and possibly watching the tutorials again. Then on to the exercises, which is the application level of learning. Sometimes we don’t realize we need more time learning until we hit the application level. Far too often students skip the first two levels of learning and then wonder why they are having trouble applying it.

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Thanks buddy for your response. I guess planning and repetition are important no matter what you set out to do. I’m going to watch the most important parts twice because I believe I’ll save time in the long run. Thanks again… :slight_smile:

Cool, sounds like a plan. You’re welcome. When I have more knowledge with it maybe I can be more helpful. :slight_smile:

While everyone here is learning something, not everyone here is learning the same thing. For example, I am a professional developer who works in Java. I am happy to help answer questions about Java even though I am not taking the course. Also, people may be at different phases in the same course and some may have a better understanding of the material when they first see it due to knowledge they already had before starting the course. As such, it does not seem that difficult to find a mentor on this platform (if desired).

That being said, mentors can be helpful, but they can also be a crutch that actually hinders your learning because you turn too easily to the mentor rather than looking for the answer yourself.


how can I learn HTML and CSS?

You mean, besides the courses that Mosh has put together? Also, this post seems unrelated to the topic of “mentors” so perhaps it should have been asked elsewhere…

Thanks mate for your reply. I’ll reach out here if I’m stuck, but only as a last resort ofc :slight_smile:

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