Djoser dependency conflicts

Working thru Ultimate Django Course, Unit 2; Section: Securing API’s; Lesson 2

When Installing djoser(version 2.1.1 at time of this post) pip reports unresolved dependency conficts with djangorestframework-simplejwt<5.2.2> is incompatible and requires version 4.3.0 of the simplejwt 3rd party libary.

djoser also gets a dependency error for the social-auth-django-app<5.0.0.> requires version

How do we resolve these reported conflicts so we can continue with the securing of api’s within the Djangorestframework?

I am a total Noob to Python and Django and really need some insight on how to resolve.

Thank you,


Found the djoser project on github and recommendation to run following command to resolve dependency conflict:

pip install -U djoser<2.2

It appears to have rolled back the simplejwt and social-auth-app-django to compatible versions for djoser.

Will continue with mosh’s course and see if I am to continue without further issues!