Dev group for beginners

I’d like to start a group to team up on mock or real projects. This forum is good but I’d like more focus. Has anyone else done this? How did it go?

Here’s a proposed charter for your edification.

Team “M-Squared” – Dev Team Charter
“M” for Moshified, “Squared” for exponential
• Purpose – to team up and build tribal knowledge
• Primarily for the JavaScript group
• Feel free to split off for another domain stack
• Because – it’s too hard doing it alone
• Goal – develop websites as needed for coding test beds
• Possibly go live
• Regulation – set up some group behavior
• Who – everyone
• Led by – whoever is deemed project manager
• Communication Channels - online, to-be-determined
• Setup Group Roles ~
• chairman (over see-er, can explain what’s what)
• project-manager (layout tasks and schedules) etc.
• Everyone (code)
• Track progress – report test results
• Take vote to settle direction
• Good coding practices - clear naming and good structure
• Volunteers – welcome to join and go as needed

Domain Stack
• JavaScript OOP
• Node.JS
• MongoDB
• React.JS
• Git

Sounds way more intense than anything else I’ve seen proposed in the forums, but good luck!

Thanks! Any idea how a Git repository would be set up and used on a group project?

Mosh’s Git course does a decent job explaining how to work on a shared GitHub repository. You can also find general information on GitHub’s documentation. Or you can use something else like BitBucket.

More or less you create a shared repository in the service then connect a local Git repository to the remote repo and push local changes to the remote. You have to pull others’ changes into your local repo before you can push, but that’s the basic idea.

Very good. Working on it . . .

here’s a github . . .

it contains the vidly stuff

for dev group . . .

the JackOBite repository is about a fake energy bar. this exercise would be to convert the app to sell these candy bars.