Deplying project to Heroku using git add

Hi guys,
So i don’t know if this fit exactly to this section.
I completed the django deployment.
The problem is every time i want to update my project it deleted the info in my database (in Heroku)
I use the following:
git add .
git commit -m “some changes”
git push heroku master

after seraching in google for an answer i found an explantion to use git add -p
but still after using it and then using again:
git commit -m “some changes”
git push heroku master

I have to enter again all the details to my project data base since it keep installing the project from zero.

I somtimes need only “cosmetic” to the code.

Heroku uses an ephemeral file system, which means during every deployment, all previous data is completely wiped. To get around this, you could use a config file and store project related details there. For sensitive information such as database passwords and keys, you could store it as environment variables on heroku which persist across deployments.