12.22 Deployment with Heroku

I am finishing chapter 12 from the Complete Python Mastery.

When use the command “git push heroku master” I get the following error:

“Push rejected to desolate-retreat-17705.”

I already have installed git and heroku:

  • git version 2.33.1
  • heroku/7.59.1 linux-x64 node-v12.21.0

Also I have installed gunicorn 20.1.0, whitenoise 5.3.0, created the Procfile with the content web: gunicorn vidly.wsgi an follow all the steps in 12.21 Getting Ready to Deploy

I reallly don’t know why the push is rejected

Hi, I think I had the same issue at some point – it was fixed by one of these:

  • Pushing from the same hash: try git add . and git commit -m ' ' again
  • Check if the git config file points to the correct remote heroku repository in .git/config

Try to push to heroku after these steps.