Debugging is a big deal?

Mr. mosh used to debug " debugger " which is not excited in my version of vs studio … instead, there is a " debug and run " and it’s not working in the same way
any clue how to deal with this ??
thanks for helping

Debuggers are useful tools for helping to understand what is happening with your code when it does not work the way you expected.

Usually they work by setting a “breakpoint” and then the code will execute up to the breakpoint and then you can examine variables and step through the code executing one statement at a time.

Without a debugger, you would need a ton of print statements to get the same level of information and it can be really tricky to know when something you logged was triggered.

It may be worth looking up a tutorial on how to use the debugger built into your IDE. For example, this one: Python in VSCode: Running and Debugging • Python Land Tutorial

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