Data Structures & Algorithms Study Group

Is anyone learning Data Structures and Algorithms and is interested in joining a discord study group? If so let me know and I’ll create it. Mentors and beginners alike are welcomed.

Feel free to join no matter what’s your programming language of choice! Initially I intend for us to * loosely * discuss the concepts in java/c# but as the group grows I have plans of making channels for discussions specific to different programming languages.


If I can join I will be so happy,
I’m a java beginner developer and right now I’m learning Data Structures and Algorithms

Yeah am learning Data Structures and Algorithms right now i will love to join the Discord study group


so interesting in joining. data structures and algorithms have been kicking my A-es -es.

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Hi @Nagaeh, I’m eagerly finding a group to study DSA and I’m interested to join the group, can you share server link or something.

Hello where is the link I would like to join to!