Course UI Suggestions

Three things primarily:

  1. A dark mode. It’s been quite hard to watch the videos due to the bright white light in my face nonstop.

  2. Fullscreen closes out after each video and autoplay is not working. It would be nice if we could stay in the full screen video the entire time with the following video to autoplay after the current one finishes. Full screen closing out after each video makes the whole no-dark-mode thing worse. I watch the videos at 1.5x speed and the videos are short, so I get hit with a flash of light every few minutes. I’m epileptic and it’s been quite the pain. I paid for a dark mode app on my MacBook for safari, but for some reason, this site doesn’t work with it.

  3. Lastly, a way to permanently select a video resolution. Every video I have to go into the settings and manually change it to 1080p.

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I concur, his interface needs a dark mode… this brightness is killing me. A workaround is to use a browser extension to darken all websites. For google chrome I like “Super Dark Mode Extension”