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Hi all,
I couldn’t fin any publication dates about the Angular Course. I started it, but then Mosh mentionned Bootstrap 3 while the v4 has been released in 2017, so I am afraid the course is old, so I wonder if the courses are up to date or not so that would make us learn alreay outdated stuff…
Do you know if courses are updated ? If not, do you know where we can find the publication dates for each course?
Thanks, Thomas

The Angular course is from August 2017. based on Angular 4. It gives you a thorough understanding of Angular concepts that are still valid for recent Angular versions. Check the version history for changes between Angular 4 and 9.


Angular 9 has much changed. It seems all those bootstrap icons implementation has changed. Since Bootstrap has SVG icons now it’s quit challenging to implement within Angular9. I will be a really great help if some kind of update available for Angular Course.


Yes that was the reason for my initial post, I couldn’t get further because of this svg icons problem, I’ll try again the course using Bootstrap 3, but I hope there are not others big updates with Angular internal tools or librairies…

An outdated course, even giving you the basics, is useless if very big updates block you at some point and you can’t go further…

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Hi Hims, so I confirm I could follow Mosh course by installing the same version of bootstrap, so at this point I can continue the course:

Remove installed version of bootstrap

npm uninstall

Install course version of bootstrap:

npm install bootstrap@3.3.7

I hope there aren’t big concept modifications for the following chapters…


@Hims @tperring

In Mosh’s course Angular 4: Beginner to Pro, section “Displaying Data and Handling Events”, video “13- Exercise- Favorite Component”. Mosh asks us to use Bootstrap’s icons to complete an exercise. As mentioned, this still works if you Bootstrap 3. However, if you’re using the latest version of Bootstrap, why not use the newer Bootstrap Icons. In the second half of 2020, Bootstrap released its first stable version of Bootstrap Icons.

Here are the steps you’d need to add the Bootstrap star icons required in this exercise.

  1. Run the following command in the terminal window (in your project directory).
    npm i bootstrap-icons

  2. Add the following code to your styles.css file.
    @import "~bootstrap-icons/font/bootstrap-icons.css";

  3. Add the following code to your courses.component.ts file’s template section (or the file it references).
    <i class="bi bi-star"></i> <i class="bi bi-star-fill"></i>

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