Course - Angular 4 Crash Course for Busy Developers


I’m following the course: Angular 4 Crash Course for Busy Developers and I’m writing this post only to signalize that some things should be upgrade on the course:

  • Event Binding: The binding event’s value using $event.value is deprecated. We need to use the DOM to preform the recovering of the value
  • The part regarding the Consuming HTTP Services should be update. Now the object use to consuming the service is “import { HttpClient } from ‘@angular/common/http’”

Sorry for those bad news and thank you for the great course.

Kind regard,
Giorgio Bonacorsi

An other point deprecated: RxJS

The course is based on Angular 4 which is pretty old now. Current Angular is somewhere around Angular 14. There are many posts on the forum that mention it is outdated. There is also a post with updated source code hosted on GitHub if you want to leverage someone else’s work translating to current Angular practices. Please check existing posts to avoid posting duplicate info.