Compile errors when submitting Form

Hey guys, im having trouble with a section in the Next.js course. Im on the second half building the issue tracker. I am on the “Handling form Submissions” video and everything is working good till i change my

to a and add the onSubmit attribute. I start getting compile/build errors. If anyone has some suggestions I would love to hear it. I am using a MacBook with M1 chip.

Here is a screen shot of my terminal

Any help i would appreciate…Id love to finish this thing!

It wont let me add two pictures in a post but here is picture of my code:

I noticed i was not using the handleSubmit function on the screen shot above but now i do and im still getting the similar errors.

I have figured it out. I was using a mixture of new versions and the versions that Mosh was doing. I was also getting a caching error. What i did was remove the .next/cache file using:
rm -rf .next/cache
then i build the project with:
npm run build
if that does not work then look to see that your project dependencies, including Next.js and Webpack, are up-to-date, use this command:
npm outdated
if there are any that are outdated, update them with:
npm update
And run it and i hope it works!! It did for me and im so excited that now i can move forward with this project!