Changes from SQL Developer cannot be synchronized

Hello People :slight_smile:

I am trying to make some scenario because I want to do the same in the real world but on a server.
Here are the Steps of the Simulation of what I am trying to do and what is the Problem, which I cannot understand:

1- Create new git in (D/Projects/sqltest4) and let’s say this would be the remote repository and add one file/commit to it.

2- Clone this Repository in SQL Developer (Version as follows

3- Now just an overview that we have both local and remote repositories at the same state:

4- Make a change on test.txt from SQL Developer and perform an Adding to staging area and commit from the GUI in SQL Developer

5- Checking the Status and log of the local Repository:

6-Now the local Repository is one commit a head of remote repository, so I need to push my commit in order to be seen in the remote repository (I’ll make the push GUI)

7-Now let’s check the log on both remote and local repository

here all are logical, head is pointing on both origin and master locally and the head is pointing correctly on the master remotely, what I cannot understand is why is my staging area is dirty in the remote repository and why I cannot see the line or the change that I’ve just made physically!!!

I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube of git plugin in SQL developer connecting it with GitHub repository and in all once we create the push, the files in GitHub would be immediately refreshed.

Another Scinario is when we add new file from the local repository the same steps as before, the staging area in this case in remote repositrory is delete!! and I cannot see the file physically after the push: