Importing remote db into git repository

I’m able to pull in a remote repository but unable to add the database and actually view the data in the tables


Not sure what you are expecting to do but neither GIT or GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket/You name it are meant to work with database.
You can still use GIT for the versioning of your SQL files but you can’t exploit any data in there.

I don’t know what course it is about but by reading people in here having taken the DB course, it seems to be MySQL. So you need to install it. and import/execute the sql file in your database.

To add content to GIT, should you not be comfortable, use a tool to help. I personally use GitAhead when I use a GUI but there are other.

Also you need to own/have access to the git repository.

Otherwise you need to perform these basic steps:

  • git add filename
  • git commit -m "Commit message"
  • git push or git push -u remotename branchname if you push it for the 1st time. remotename likely being origin.