Can I download or see all the notes through an UI

Throughout the lectures, I am taking notes. So, when I want to revisit some of my notes, I am jumping among the videos back and forth and trying to connect the dots. Its getting tedious. Does anyone know if I can download my written notes in the video lectures or just see them all together somewhere in the website.

AFAICT the answer is no.

These notes are only visible to the person who wrote them and are not shareable or downloadable at this time.


Related: I recommend a better, dedicated note-taking application. There are many good options out there including: Obsidian, Notion, Evernote, Google Keep. Choose the one that works best for you.


Hi There,
Have used Yarle to transfer my enotes to Obsidian…

Have a question… some of my enotes contain jpegs, and Obsidian tells me to click to create, what do i do aftedr that is not clear, can anybody help me…


I do the same and I know this is not the most pleasant part. It is taking quite some time and can feel tedious at times. But in the beginning, I took notes on OneNote which is less than ideal. It led me to take scarce notes. After you took a lesson and a few months has gone, the time spent on notes is definitely paying for scanning notes is far more efficient than trying to find the same piece of information in a video.
What I do is simply add my notes along with the content of the course in Markdown files. I sometimes wonder how I did not think about it earlier.

You can see some of them here when they are on public repos. I keep some private especially because they are part of a paid course. For instance the notes for Mosh React course are public because it is available for free on YouTube, but the completed ones are kept private.

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I think obsidian is just markdown syntax. So once the image file is in the same folder you can use this syntax to add it to the markdown: