Building a LinkedList

Hello Everyone,

Am I the only that feels like every-time we come to an exercise part, we cannot execute the exercise? Im currently doing The Ultimate Data Structures & Algorithms: Part 1, Building a LikedList by scratch and I have no idea where to start from. I’ll watch the solutions videos and I ask myself, “how the eff was I supposed to know that?” Does anyone think that maybe it just comes with practice or theres something I’m missing that I haven’t learned yet?

I’m also taking the course. I’m still dong the 1st part. Have you ever taken a Java full course?

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hey, sorry for the late response. I took Mosh’s full java course. Its really good and helpful once you get to data structures and algorithms. However, in the java and data structure courses, most times I could not solve the problems that he would provide. I only understood them after I watched his solutions.

Oh! I understand now. For me it’s still ok :ok_hand: if you understand them after watching the solutions. The point is to understand at the end of the day. I so go through this sometimes

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Also, there is a skill to be learned here: translating the theory of how something works into actual code. I suggest trying to reimplement it yourself after watching the solution to verify your understanding.