Bug Found in Source Code - React Native Advanced


The backend provided in the networking section has a bug. It doesn’t include the “assets” folder. When calling the server in the React Native advanced course, the backend provided doesn’t include the “assets” folder therefore I had to create it myself and add images.

The server is supposed to send URLs to these assets but they don’t exist. Additionally, I cannot get the images to display despite following the course and having the source code.

Please check this for the ListingsScreen.

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Can you clarify what’s missing? The folder Backend\public\assets\ is included in the zip and contains several images.

Thanks for your reply.

I do now see the assets under the public folder. I am still getting blanks for the images when rendering in the ListingsScreen.

Have I not setup my Config IP properly? I don’t know. My React Native code is written properly and the server responds with the data.

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I re-downloaded the source file and installed the packages. All of a sudden the images started working.

Thanks. For a full week it didn’t work.

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Thanks! I had the same issue