Blurry Certificate Download

So I just finished the python course and when I go to download my certificate, it comes out blurry and a little pixelated. Its weird cause before I click on the download link, it shows a preview of the certificate and it looks crystal clear, even when I zoom in.

Try the standard things: restart your browser, log out and back in, clear your cache / cookies, re-download, etc. This is probably just a bad download.

If you continue to have issues after that, try reaching out to support directly:

The certificate downloads come as pdf so I doubt the problem is on @sharktank s side. The certificates have never been very scalable but recent ones are indeed very blurry.

The previews are now html so they look fine.

Fair enough - I guess I have never tried downloading them myself to check, but I can believe that they might be overly blurry. If I ever found myself actually needing the certificate, I would probably just screenshot it since that appears to be clearer anyway.