Is someone else find this issue ? while downloading certificate again

I have completed HTML course on 18th of jan and python mastery on 8th of feb in one month subscription this year

I received email later on those days with certificates

I forgot to download and yesterday (28-march) I downloaded it I see Issued Date is changed for both certificate to (2021-03-28) and today I see it’s changed again to today’s date

Idk what’s wrong but I have to attach on my resume Now I can’t

Not sure if you are having a subscription issue or not, but with my subscription:

  1. Go to the page
  2. Click on My Courses at the top navigation
  3. Click on the course that you completed (should show 100-percent)
  4. In the left sidebar, click on “Certificate”
  5. Click on the tiny grey “Download” link hiding under the certificate to get the PDF.

I hope that helps!

No I am reporting an issue when you completed any course you ll get an email greeting with certificate

does’t matter when you completed that course (whenever you download that certificate from the email the issued date changes to present date) check this out i downloaded certificate today (but i completed this course on 18 jan)