Backend not starting in vidly app


I’m taking the Docker course.

In the docker compose section the backend does not start when using the docker-compose up

I get the following error in the console log
backend_1 | /usr/local/bin/ exec: line 8: ./ Permission denied

Anyone know how to fix this?

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After some more googling I discovered that I had to set the file permissions of the file on my filesystem not the container’s file system.

It seems the file permissions carry over to the container file system.

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Just change the backend command to this:


Thanks. I’ve been struggling with this. Setting file permission does not work for me, but this one does.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
That fixed the issue for me too !!

Thanks @Jay-R
I faced two problems

  1. initially when I use the command for docker-compose up, when it tries to run the mongo image, it said, the port 27017 already in use
    This I overcome, by running killing the process ID which was listening on the port 27017
    Used the below command(Note I am running on Ubuntu Linux)
    sudo kill sudo lsof -t -i:27017

  2. After I solve the above problem, I got the error ‘Permission denied’ which I resolved using the solution you have provided here.


Yes that worked!