Backend Internship Question

Hi guys…
i am thinking of doing an internship…
i have the following skills:
server side javascript

should i learn docker and then grab a internship or should i do an internship first?
and is learning docker easy or tough?
Thanks a lot!


Anything more you know is an asset.

For instance I am working on an Angular project from a .devcontainer which is based on Docker. So it can help to know about Docker.

That said try to find one without waiting for this knowledge. Just ask if potential company would be interested in that Docker skill or if it is possible to have you in without that Docker skill at first.

In France and maybe many other areas, this is the golden time where Devs students are looking for an internship. You are competing with those people.


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thanks! i have heard from my other friends and they told it’s not a mandatory skills but just a asset to know … like you said …