Awesome Training Resource ! thank you Mosh


Thank you so much for your incredible training resources here.

posted this in React topic so copied it over to here where it should have been

I was recently laid off after a 27 year engineering technician career in Boise Idaho and was bummed for awhile , I have always wanted to become a web developer and this is now a new opportunity for me to try to pick this up. :roll_eyes: , I am 69 years old and still a young pup and will give it my best.

I had some experience with maintaining a few intranet websites for my previous position and they were pretty comprehensive sites I maintained . It was all mostly php, some jquery and ajax stuff in a production environment. Was not privy to most of these new frameworks and new languages but I love to learn. I attempted to partake in a 13 week immersive web bootcamp here and I had to drop out of it for personal family issues, it was a very fast paced environment and unfortunately only made it through the first week. I realize that I would have never made it even if the reason wasn’t a family issue. The pace was far faster then I expected and you learned one major point and was on to something new that very afternoon . Very hard to keep up with .

I am now set to just learn it on my own at my own pace and I fully anticipate I will will get there … might take a couple of years so hope I have at least that much left in me. All my coding an education has been pretty much self taught other than the electronics training that the Navy gave me and provided a great 20 year career before my 27 career at Micron Technology in Boise Idaho .

In any case your training courses are top notch so thank you very much again for all that you have given to this coding community .

Rod Notz