About subtitle/caption support on video courses

I saw a couple of videos of Mosh in YouTube and seems to be a good teacher :).
I’m looking for front end video courses with good caption support.
Maybe printable in a document apart because sometimes the overlay on video covers the coding.

I’m almost deaf (and not English mother tongue) so this feature is quite essential to me.



Welcome Daniele.

I have done two courses (Javascript part 1 & 2), both had captions in English which you can turn on and off. See screenshot below. I don’t know if all courses have captions, also don’t know the quality.

It’s not possible to download the captions but you can search in the captions. In this mode the captions are fullscreen, see screenshot below. You could make screenshot of this mode to bundle all the captions.

Hi William,
good to know :slightly_smiling_face:
Very nice of you making screenshots and explanation.