50% Discount, payment in $124, instead of $249 till December 31, 2022

Dear Mosh,
You advertised the 50 % discount, payment in $124, instead of $249, for the payments till December 31, 2022.
Why did you charge $249 from my account ?

The offer is still there. I am not sure how that might have happened.

Contact their support team and I am sure they will help you.

Besides, they have money back guarantee and I am sure you will get your refund.

Did you have an active $249 subscription that was due in December?

Season discounts are not applied to active subscriptions (and btw I have never seen any company doing so). To get the discount you should have cancelled your $249 subscription and subscribed to the $124 offer.

I’ve go the same problem. The checkout page doesn’t register the 50% discount.

Hi Sam, Maverick,
Who are you?
Are you working for this company https://teachable.com/ or you are a client, like me ?

Cyril has the same problem as me, it means we are both confused with these tricky 50 % promotions, without the proper subscription procedures during this promotional period.

No, I did not have any subscription, anything related to the Mosh training program before. I have never used this training program before. I just watched Mosh’s YouTube promotion a couple of days ago, on December 29, 2022. I liked the YouTube video and decided to sign, based on the attractive promotion of 50 % discount with payments till midnight December 31, 2022. The subscription system is very tricky. It shows a promotion of 50 % discount and payments of $ 124. I just followed steps and paid around 21:00 on December 31, 2022. When I checked my credit card payments, I realized that $ 249 was taken from my account. I called the 24 hour credit bank services and asked to dispute this payment and cancel it. The representative from the credit cart bank service registered my request on the tracking system and promised to support after the holidays.

"One of your pending charges has been marked for monitoring. The details of this charge are listed below:

Description: TEACHABLE
Date: 12/31/2022
Amount: $249.00
We will contact you within four days to let you know the status of this charge. "

I called the Teachable company on +1 347 215 3202 several times without success. It looks like this phone is blocked. It is uncertain, if this company exist or not, https://teachable.com/ . In the standard case most normal companies use the answer machines that record all income issue calls. However, it looks like, this web site and phone number could be false.

No, we are just clients/students.

I was just guessing what your problem may be.

In case there is a bug in the ordering system contact support@codewithmosh.com for having that fixed and get you your refund. Mosh and his team @programmingwithmosh @codewithmosh are usually not monitoring this forum.

Teachable is the platform provider hosting Mosh’s courses.

Hey sorry to hear that!

I am just a student as well (like Sam mentioned).

It’s Jan 2, 2023 for me right now and it’s still showing the offer. Don’t know what’s up!

Contact the support team (support@codewithmosh.com) and be patience because it will take few days for them to get back to you.

I am sure they will help you sort that out.

All the best.

ok, Sam, Maverick,
agreed, thank you for the feedback.
Yes, I sent emails. It looks like this https://teachable.com/ provides poor customer support service for Mosh and their teachable platform is missing the proper response system for clients.
Happy New Year !