New User Trying to Subscribe, Payment Declined


I am a new user trying to subscribe to Mosh’s course. I am having an issue where all of my credit cards are being declined by the website. I called my credit card companies and they said I have no holds and they don’t see any of these failed transactions so it’s Mosh’s site declining me. Does anyone encounter this issue or know how to fix it?


Hello, it’s actually the same for me. I guess we’ll need to wait until the issue is fixed.

Hey Brian7, i don’t know if you have resolved your issue. But if it’s not the case, i think i know why it happened. It seems like some banks are not recognized, or they don’t have a deal with those banks.
So if you can, you should try with an online credit card from another bank or something like that.

I’ve purchased with my debit card 2 weeks back now I can’t. It’s declined

@codewithmosh - any canonical advice for how these issues should be addressed? Probably they should reach out to support for help completing their purchases.

Sorry to hear this, @brancore87! We recommend contacting our host Teachable at who is our payment processor.

I have finally able to do it. I’ve paid for the Django part-3 course after several tries. I have messaged