Workbench Crashing when executing a Query

I successfully downloaded MySQL and Workbench. I successfully downloaded, extracted, and ran the create databases SQL query. I refreshed the schema tab and the databases are present. However, if I execute any type of query the Workbench application crashes.

At some point I’m not sure exactly what action I performed, but I received an error message in the bottom panel, stating that the database whichever database I was using at the time could not be found. These databases are stored in the downloads folder on my dropbox, which is a local version of my dropbox, and not necessarily the cloud version to which you have to login or put in any enter any kind of credentials

Any help would be great greatly appreciated.

Can you share the query you are trying to run?

Nothing major! Just trying to get a generic dataset

SELECT * FROM pickingAnAttachedDB!!!

Are you on a Mac?

Thank you for this feedback I will try it out when I get home. I’ll be sure to update the thread with my findings! i’ll be sure to update the thread with my findings.

SUCCESS! Downloaded 8.0.31 and it does work. Thanks for the assistance!