Why expo init Testing is not working?

Hi everyone I want to ask I am a beginner I want to know why expo init wont work

The expo utilities have changed quite a bit recently and that makes the React Native course a little harder to follow along. Especially in the setup phase. I recommend that you follow the initial suggestions on Create your first app - Expo Documentation

Specifically, you initialize your project with:

npx create-expo-app DoneWithIt

Any time you see Mosh issuing Expo commands on the command line, you might face issues. You can search the Expo website on how to accomplish those tasks. Expo has a lot going on. The course is good, you just have to be aware that some things like Expo have changed.


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Thank you sir for your answer and explanation , the problem that I currently facing is the debugging on vscode sir because whenever I click(start) the “attach to packager” this error occured

So far, I have been unable to get debugging to work in vscode or in IdeaJ (jetbrains). I am relying on console.log messages for debugging.

You can start your app with: npm start. It will connect to the emulator or your device. I am frustrated by that same problem with the debugger and it has been tricky so far. I’ll reply again if I sort that out.

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Okay sir , yeah its so frustrating on debugging problem maybe I will use console log and manual dev tool using expo app. Let me know sir if you sort it out