Which Template is Best for Xamarin in VS2019 for your Xamarin Course

You are giving a very good explanation about the Xamarin. currently I’M following the course. The course is from VS2015 I think. so which template can use to follow your course? or some comparison of these 3 templates from my attached image?
Thank you.

H lalindu,

hope you figured it out already by yourself.
Just use “Mobile App (Xamarin.Forms)”, use a “Blank Forms App” select Android an iOS afterwards.

Some topics in the Xamarin Course might have been depreciated or have been changed, but the fundamentals are excatly the same. For examle MasterDetailPage is replaced bei FlyOutPage in Xamarin 5. The behavior and the coode you have to write for it is the same. In general most things made easier, since MS launched Xamarin 5. If you follow the course till the end, you will know exactly what happens under the hood.

Cheers and have fun.