No option for xamrine in visual studio 22

Hey there is no option for xamrine in visual studio 22, how can i download, and please also tell me the difference of Xamrine and .net maui??

As of Visual Studio 17.3 which was release last week, .NET MAUI is available. There are some changes compared to Xamarin.Forms but it is the new go to tech for multi platform and mobile application.

Now of course if you want to use Xamarin because you’re following a Xamarin.Forms course instead I can confirm it is still available.

You must make sure you installed the mobile app development workload.
The simpler is certainly to use Visual Studio Installer.

Pick your Visual Studio instance and click on Modify. A modal window will open presenting the different workloads.
Xamarin does not appear directly anymore in there.

So click on Individual components and look up for it.


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