Where is the status bar?

Where is the status bar for selecting the virtual environment?

please elaborate?

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I have a PC.

I viewed all of the videos and decided to try accessing an Excel file.

I went back and tried to follow how to access Excel spread sheets. I cannot
follow instructions on my system for setting the environment. I install
openpyxl, but am unable to find the status bar to select the PyExcel that is
selected in the video.

It appears the videos are out of synch with the current Visual Studio Code.

Gary Shilling

What I Gary refers to is that in the course video screen captures, the menu bar for VSCode is generally chopped off/cropped at the top, so that when there is a reference and movement onto a VSCode menu or button, it is not visible. This is troublesome when the narrator is referring to an action they are taking that is not visible clearly expecting the student to be seeing the menu bar.


What I THINK Gary refers to is …

Ctrl + shifp +p command help you to open Palette type interpreter select or click on it to get the list of virtual enviroment for python