Where are my certificates?

So, I’ve completed over 15 courses with several hours spent and I get a certificate upon completion, I’ve been pretty used to certificates on other platforms and my understanding is that you typically have a link to show proof that you completed said course, however, When i click the links sent to my email, I simply just get redirected to Mosh’s website. Basically I have no link to my certificate and the only way I could have them was if I saved the pdf as soon as I received them apparently, I need help to get my certs please.


There are many things that don’t work up to expectations.

6 weeks later, he doesn’t even acknowledge the problem. I just noticed this myself. All links to certs on LinkedIn profile don’t point to the certs.

So let’s discuss hypotheticals. Do you think I will pay for another Mosh course, given this problem? It’s not like there aren’t other options. I’ve purchased 5 courses. But no more until I see this corrected.

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It seems like nobody really cares about our experience, I emailed Mosh Support, and they were very rude too. I see mosh answering very lame and stupid questions but he doesn’t take a look at any little complex or program where there’s any issue I just wanted to highlight that and the reply i got was that we’re doing any personal coaching lol (something along these lines)