When will React18 part3 be released?

When is part3 of React18 is coming out?



Im still waiting. Im not going to enroll to new react course unless mosh release the 3rd part. Because i feel something incomplete. Especially on 3rd part there is authentication which is very important, user authentication/authorization and session, please @mosh we are waiting for part 3

Hi Manjaaay! I’m still planning out the curriculum for part 3. What content would you like to see in that course other than user authentication?


Hello @Mosh , Thankyou for your response, At-least now, We know that Part 3 is still about to go, we are very happy for it ! <3

Since you asked me on what content i would like to see aside from user authentication, I would like to see there a user authorization and user session.

On user session, if i close the browser (my session is not expired yet) and open the browser again, I should still logged in, and if my session expires, the user should log out automatically, this is for security, let say the user forgot to log out his account on someone else browser for a long time.

Please include this, if possible :slight_smile: thankyou for your kind consideration, you are a very good teacher mosh, and we are willing to pay how much, all your courses are worth it.

react formik, persist zustand, internalization

Any news about this upcoming course?

no updates from our guru

He may have said at one point none is needed because of next.js but he also did ask in a survey what courses we wanted and included part 3 as a possibility. Seems like he’s focused on his youtube for a little bit cause he recently came out with a lot of courses.