Vscode says there are problems in my code but it's working?

Vscode says there are problems in my code but its running this is irrating me a lot

Give your file another name (You are using math.py as the name). Your editor is getting confused. When you attempt to import the math from the standard library, You editor assumes it is looking at the file you currently have. I am only assuming this is your issue based on the first two problems. Try naming it math_1.py and see if that fixes your problem

It is still giving 2 problems so its better but why is some of the code underlined? sorry I am still new to vscode

Are you refering to the following “Problems” :slight_smile: ?

If Yes those 2 underlines are coming from Pylint the code analyzer you’re using, and inform you that you’re not following the coding conventions in python according to pep8 and can read more about them in:
invalid-name / C0103 - Pylint 2.17.4 documentation ,
missing-module-docstring / C0114 - Pylint 2.17.4 documentation