Vs code output repeating old command

Hey everyone, i am sifat. i am a beginner of coding. Recenlty exercising mosh sir’s class. But my output at VS CODE coming same. Tried to find solution at google but failed. Kindly help anybody if have any solution. thank you.

See the white dot at the top of your file? It means you have unsaved changes. Save your file then run again.

Thanks, it’s really helpful for me. But have any alternative cause every time if I want to run then need to save and then run again it could be little trouble. right?

Personally I do not use the code runner extension which seems to have this problem more than others. I did not notice this issue when using the native runner built in to VSCode. That being said, it is not that much of a nuisance, you get used to needing to save your code before you run it.

VS Code has an autosave feature.
Search for autosave in the settings