Setting up VSCode

I am new to programing so this is probably a simple fix I cannot find. I am taking the complete python mastery course. When I run the code, it doesn’t just show the code, it is showing like the drives and everything it is accessing too. Is there a way to only have it show the output? Also, if I hit run multiple times, it just keeps adding to the terminal not clearing it and showing the output once. How do I clear the terminal?

Good question. Is this the Code Runner extension? If you click the Extensions icon on the left (looks like boxes) then the gear icon next to the Code Runner extension and then click Extension Settings, you’ll find some helpful settings such as Clear Previous Output (which you may want to turn on), Run In Terminal (which you may want to turn off, after which you’ll find the output in the OUTPUT window), and Show Execution Messages (which you may want to turn off).

That worked. Thank you!