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Hi everyone I am new to programing kindly can anyone help me with visualstudio settings.and I try to assign a value to variable it’s not takin the value.

let name = ‘ss’;

And it’s returning ‘name’.

Try this…


with no quotes. "name" is a string, name is your variable.

Ok I’ll try this


I tried that but it showing
Code language not supported or defined

In your screenshot of VS Code at the lower right it says Babel JavaScript, but maybe that somehow got changed? If so, see if you can click it and switch it back. If you’re still seeing the error, could you post a screenshot?

fyi When you convert "name" to name, you may get a deprecation warning about using a variable named name. The reason is that there is already a global variable named name in some environments, so it’s safer to use a different variable name e.g. firstName, or you could wrap your code in a function:


function doSomething() {
  let name = 'ss';

Thankyou bro for your response.As you said I changed ‘Babe1’ into ‘JavaScript React’ at first it worked fine but when I changed variable ‘name’ value to ‘sai’ it is showing a massage in below right cornor like ’ Language is not identified’.

Sorry, I meant that Babel JavaScript is what it should probably be set to. Do you see that same error when it is set to Babel JavaScript?

No problem bro.I changed it back to Babe1 JavaScript now it’s working fine but I am not getting any results in Terminal, right now I am executing my programe in web console and it’s also showing some errors like 'Bartender API access denied and ‘DevTools failed to load source map’

Those are just warnings, unrelated to what you are working on, and I think it’s fine to ignore them. If you want a clean console, you can go to about:blank to get a blank page where you won’t see errors/warnings from other scripts, and that why you know that any errors you see are related to whatever you happened to type in the console.

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Sure I will try that one