Vidly setup fails

Im on Win10, vscode. Had problems earlier with First React App - No Start script. In fact it had no Public/Src folders. Turns out that Global installs of create-act no longer supported so you have to uninstall that and use npx instead (see my post on Missing Start Script). I create counter-app no issues. Now, use npx create-react-app vidly doesnt create public/src folders and gives a new error ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat ‘c:\Users\All Users’ … when i do npm start. It opens the browser window but then bombs with the error.
Tried uninstalling, reinstalling create-react-app, deleted lock file, deleted vidly folder. Nothing works. Counter-app still works fine. ANyone else hit this problem? ANyone else using Windows 10 and no issues? I am using versions recommended by Mosh, which throw up a lot of deprecated messages and no template provided as using older version. Tempted to use latest versions although Ive been fine to this point.

Solution thanks to Sulaiman Abiodun:
npx create-react-app@latest your-app-name.
This prompts you to update. Respond Y. This will end with “Happy Hacking!” confirming it worked. Check your app folder and you will have Public and Src folders. npm start in your app folder will now work.