Videos starting and stopping?

Hi, all.

I have got the complete subscription bundle, have for a while.

All my videos seem to play a little, then stop. Then I have to skip the part it got stuck on or it will not continue to play, even after a refresh.

Getting a little tedious considering how much I am paying for it.

Any ideas?

Is it a network issue? You can adjust the quality of the video with the little “gear” in the video player. I’ve noticed lately that because it’s set to Auto, it tries to stream at 1080P for me and I often get stutters or pauses when it’s buffering. I’ve found that the quality looks just fine if I bump it down to 720P. Unfortunately, the video player often reverts back to Auto/1080P and I have to “remind it” that 720P works better for me.

The video player is called “Wistia” and it’s a pretty standard video player that’s used by a number of companies.

Hey, man.

I average 100Mbps so, pretty sure it isn’t a network issue.

I have turned it down to 720p just incase it’s a throttle from teachables side.

Seems to be something to do with them, not me.


Hi @zackhamin,
Have you tried testing the site on a different device, such as your phone?

The only time I had that issue is when my AirPods Pro would pause the video because one wasn’t properly fitting in my ear. Each time it would begin to fall out the video would pause. Once I switched the tip to fit my ear the issues stopped.

A few things to try to check:

  • Reboot your computer
  • Make sure you have enough (at least 20GB) disk storage.
  • Try a different browser
  • Clear your web browser cache

Once you find out a solution, please share it on this forum post. :slight_smile:



I’m having a similar issue, but only on my new computer. Videos work fine on my older MacBook Air. On my new MacBook Air, the videos frequently freeze. I’ve just been downloading each video and playing them that way. Not awesome, but workable for now I suppose.

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Hi, Chris.

I ‘think’ it maybe Airpod related.

The videos seem fine when not using earphones.

When I use my Airpods, the issues arise.

A little odd as Youtube, Spotify etc all work fine.

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