Unable to register a new user in Authentication Module

I am having a problem when trying to post a new user with postman on the MongoDB!

I would appreciate any help

It is quite some time ago for me. As far as I can remember, in the context of the React course, we were given a ready to go node.js application so there was little to do with it.
There was a problem I met and I remember that I had to switch something in the configuration of the program to make it work. Likely a boolean value.

Now first open the dev tools in your browser and check the console and networking tab to inspect the transactions for any further hints.

Here is what i see in the dev tools:

I doubt if the back-end is up and running :running_man:

The problem was in the back-end project! It seems like the one i got from zip file in the course,
some route was missing in the users.js! I added a route for get: /users like it is shown below

I don’t think the change you made was the correct one. Unless something has changed in the time gap from when I used it (but I doubt it), the change I made was lighter, just like changing a boolean from true to false or the other way around.

I just checked it and this was about authentication.

Authentication prevented me from getting there in the beginning of the project. Probably until the project was advanced enough to deal with it in its shipped state.

You should disable requiresAuth by setting it to false in config/default.json file.

I do not remember there was any note about that. If there was none it should be added.

The image bellow is from the commit where I put back to its original value