Unable to install PEP8 extension on vscode

Hi All, I am trying to replicate the example from lesson 8 under module 1(Complete Python Mastery). In this lesson, section Mosh talked about formatting python code using PEP8.

I am currently using a Windows 10 computer and I have visual studio code installed already. I have installed the python extension

I tried to format using ctrl+shift+p and I got the prompt of formatter autopep8 not being installed. I clicked on yes to allow the extension to be installed and then I have been stuck with the error message in the screenshot attached.

I have looked at StackOverflow for solutions but did not really find so much and even the solutions that I found could not help me

Any help in resolving this will be really appreciated

Thanks guys I was able to fund a solution for this by deleting the code folder for vscode. this actually reset my vscode and it worked perfectly

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I am having the same issue so what code folder did you delete?

Hello Jethro,

I was having an issue with this as well and tried to run ‘exit()’ command. After that, I could install the PEP8 just like in the tutorial. Hope it helps!